​​Who We Are​​

​​We @ PACCO believe that everyone at one time or another goes   through some type of emotional stress, depressive episode, & or   bereavement prompted by life's difficult moments...  PACCO  was   founded on the premise of helping individuals during the process of   healing while overcoming difficult times through counseling &   alternative therapies... PACCO is a small, family owned, partnership,   for profit business, providing Outpatient Behavioral Health services   for individuals suffering with CO-occurring Disorders (mental health, substance abuse & or other,..), as well as Anger Management & Domestic Violence/Batterers Classes, DUI Intervention Groups, EAP/Employee Assistance Programs etc,.. We are strategically.  We located @ the border of Northampton & Lehigh Counties, borough of Northampton in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We'll provide services to adjacent communities & Counties. PACCO is an Independent Group Practice staffed by Board Certified Licensed  Professionals, a multidisciplinary team of male & female, culturally sensitive (Latinos) staff providing "Quality Care"   individualized treatment for patients & their families focused on "   Community Well Being",..  Staff  includes: MD, Psy.d, LCSW, LPC, CADC.​​​

Our Statements

​​ ​​ MISSION:  
To provide "Quality Care"   service/treatment by (PCB)
Board Certified Pennsylvania team of Professionals.  
  To increase treatment options & improve "Community Well being" through innovative technologies extended into disadvantaged communities..  

To utilize evidenced based practices in delivering   services focused on individuals' & their families  evidenced by maximized outcome..   To provide Behavioral Health services / Alternatives all in (1) one convenient location..  
Maria S. Madera
Certified  Board of Nurse Examiner Technicians.

She has 25yrs experience  as a Board Certified Nurse Technician (PCT). She enchants pt.s / clientele with her personality & humanistic approach as well as adding a community mindfulness approach to our practice. 

 Milton L. Reyes BA, CADC,

Has 25yrs working within the Behavioral field as a NYC Certified Addictions Correctional Counselor, private treatment programs. He brings unparalleled skills in treating addiction via a:
"Behavior Modification" approach.

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