Psychiatric Out Patient Treatment

Draft Created: May 13, 2019 Psychiatric As defined: A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, it’s a behavioral pattern that causes to mind significant distress also impairment of personal functioning. …these mental disorders are usually explained by a combination of how a person behave, feels, perceives, and or thinks. This notRead moreRead more

Psychiatric Disorders Addiction Prevention & Recovery

Prejudgment of Psychiatric Disorders and Addictions So you may wonder why I’m interested in these topics of psychiatric disorders and addiction? As a child I grew up in what some may refer to as disadvantaged community, neighborhood the NYC housing projects. We moved to Puerto Rico til I was 19yrs. And move back to NYC.Read moreRead more

Why PACCO recovery

PACCO is an acronym for Pennsylvania Assessment Consultants for Co-occurring disorders which means treating both mental health and substance abuse issues. Doctor PACCO feel good is a grass root behavioral health group practice committed to community well-being. We are a 1 stop shop for psychiatric, mental health and substance abuse out patient treatment. Our licensedRead moreRead more

Who is dr PACCO

As we find ourselves lacking energy, sad, & stressed these symptoms can be related to a clinical and or situational Depression. When we find ourselves full of energy, manic and feeling like u can do it all & more, these may be signs of Hyperactivity. Other days we’re overwhelmed with emotions, feelings of desperation whichRead moreRead more